Title of the project: 2iE – Penn State Centre for Collaborative Engagement

Duration: 5 years renewable

Starting date: October 1, 2014

Location: Scientific Complex, Ouagadougou Campus

To enrich 2iE and Penn State’s educational and research programs and to strengthen and expand the mutual contacts between both entities.


  • Build long-term collaborative research in energy and environmental engineering that improve human well-being.
  • Develop new mechanisms for student mentoring and community engagement.
  • Promote Penn State and 2iE faculty and staff engagement in collaborative programs at 2iE or elsewhere in West Africa.
  • Facilitate faculty-led international experiences for undergraduates and the integration of those programs with existing 2iE research and education programs.
  • Create faculty and student exchange programs, seminars, and conferences.

Parts/Actions (How will it work?): The Centre will serve as a hub for engagement, such as faculty, staff, and student exchange, and student recruitment throughout West Africa.

Distribution/Results : Promote cooperation and exchange in education and research.

  • Dr. Yezouma Coulibaly, Co-Director, 2iE
  • Dr. Robert Crane, Co-Director, Penn State
  • Mrs. Aminata N’Diaye, Assistant Director, 2iE
  • Mrs. Jessica Ouedraogo, Assistant Director, Penn State
  • Dr. Daniel Yamegueu, Project Lead, 2iE
  • Dr. Jeffrey Brownson, Project Lead, Penn State
  • Dr. Bernard Brès, Project Lead, 2iE
  • Dr. Nicole Webster, Project Lead, Penn State