The acceleration of technological evolutions and the economy globalization lead:

- for Companies, into a permanent adaptation to the markets constraints and the need to rely on a competent and committed staff, in other words «professional» ;

- for Employees into the strong need to progress thanks to the acquisition of new knowledge and competences essential for career prospects and mobility.

To meet these challenges, the International Institute for Water and Environment Engineering  (2iE) proposes a new online professional training program offer, with a tailored, flexible and innovative device, which allow to respond to specific constraints that professionals are facing in terms of training: time management, availability, funding.

Three modalities are offered:

  • Online Profesional Training : the training program has a length that varies between 12 and 24 months, according to the constraints and choice of the learner.

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  • Continuing Profesional Training : the training program is made up of short session of one or two weeks. The program content is flexible and designed according to the companies’ needs.

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  • Advanced Master’s Programs.  The training program has a one year length.  It allows to complete initial training programs. They bring a managerial orientation and specific technical competences.

Advanced Master’s Program in Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)
International MBA Management Eco-Innovation

Please note that training programs are only available in French so far.