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2iE’s engineering training pathway allows you, in five years of study, to obtain a civil engineering degree.










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Semester division

2iE is registered within the international training scheme: Bachelor – Master’s programs and PhD. Each year is divided into two academic semesters.  This organization aims at 2 objectives:

  • Fight against students’ failure by allowing students to take up again semesters, which are not validated. 
  • Harmonize the organization of studies in order to promote students’ mobility, particularly within Europe. 

Each semester includes several CU (Course Units), gathering each several modules also called CCU (Components of Course Units). The validation of each CU also corresponds in the Bachelor-Master’s program-PhD system, by the attribution of some credits or CTS (Credit Transfer and accumulation System). As 2iE is recognized in Europe, credits obtained at 2iE are transferable to other credits, within the European Credit Transfer System, that can be obtained in European Universities.

A semester always corresponds to 30 ETS, thus a year to 60 CTS. Credits (CTS) are attributed once and for all, for a life time and within the European Credit Transfer System. The Master’s program degree is awarded to students and accounts for 120 CTS (2 times 60).


The Institute benefits from  international recognition: