2iE’s training programs aim at training entrepreneurial engineers. As a complement to theoretical, scientific and technical teaching modules, there is a special focus on the learning of management and entrepreneurship tools, know-how and components. Therefore, modules such as general knowledge of the company, accountancy, entrepreneurship, law, responsible management of the company and innovation represent up to 30% of the student’s curriculum.

In order to further develop students’ business culture, conferences given by professionals on subjects linked to innovation, green technologies and entrepreneurship are regularly offered.

The device entrepreneurial-engineer is included in the whole student’s curriculum. It finally offers to the best projects of company creation the opportunity too integrate 2iE’s incubator. It includes:

  • The Junior company: managed and administered by students, it allows to put theoretical knowledge into practice. Targeted at companies, it offers qualitative and tailored services in the areas of Water, Civil Engineering, Mines, the Environment, Managerial Sciences, Information and Communication Technologies.
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  • Entrepreneurship Competitions: in order to put into practice and strengthen entrepreneurship classes, 2iEorganizes or participates each year to a competition of business creation This approach leads the students to test their leadership and challenge their ideas. It also allows the students to benefit from a personalized coaching and receive advises from the jury made up of teachers, sponsors and company managers.
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  • The Company incubation: since 2010, 2iE has chosen to strengthen its device to support company creation with strong social or environmental impact. The company incubator is open to all project developers who wish to become an entrepreneur committed to the sustainable development in Africa. They may have studied previously at 2iE or not; the institute thus participates to the valorization of local resources and create a favorable context for the dissemination of innovation.
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