As an international platform of services and contact for innovation in Africa, the Technopole links 2iE, the private sector, research and academics. Its activities are aimed at students, graduates, NGOs and businesses. The Technopole:

  • Develops an entrepreneurship spirit amid students
  • Supports the emergence of innovative businesses
  • Answers a demand in life-long training
  • Offers a technical and scientific expertise
  • Develops relationships between graduates and businesses


Facing the challenges of the African economy: fast-growing urbanization, climate changes, soaring oil prices, water stress…. Social entrepreneurship and green growth represent significant catalysts for development.   

Therefore, since 2010, 2iE has strategically reinforced its device to support businesses with strong social and/or environmental impact.

This device is now open to any project leaders who wish to set up a business favoring a sustainable development in Africa, even though they haven’t been studying at 2iE. The Institute thus participates to the promotion of local resources and creates a favorable environment to disseminate innovation.

The device which has been implemented enjoys the support of means of research and a solid partners’network.

It includes:

  • A training program cycle for students in technical and managerial sciences
  • An incubator that enables maturation of project
  • A business nursery qui correspond to the business launching phase

Technopole 2iE: a support to social entrepreneurship and green growth.


The incubator escorts innovative business projects operating in the green economy sector, with strong social and/or environmental added value. It facilitates project maturation with a variety of support: managerial, technical, scientific and financial. The project leader has access to numerous services:

  • Managerial coaching and legal advice in order to write a business plan and protect his/her ideas.
  • Scientific coaching with access to research laboratories, as well as a scientific and private partners network in order to develop prototypes
  • Financial support to conduct R&D activities and access to continuing education
  • Teamwork space and a monthly entrepreneurship income.

Projects in incubation

In 2016, the incubator supports projects of business creation in nutrition, eco-construction, energy and natural resources management.

See the projects


Since 2013, 2iE opens its device to any project leader of an innovative business, meeting the established selection criteria. 2iE’s young graduates and other universities students are eligible if their projects are mature enough and answer a social and/or environmental need crucial to sustainable development on the African continent. Projects may be selected amongst the best projects of 2iE’s annual Business Plan Competition, after international competitions or via applications.

Innovating and starting up projects for Green Growth in Africa

Do you have in project to create a mature company with encouraging results?

Do you want start up a project but need support to put your idea into effect?

Is your project innovative and does it contribute to green growth in Africa?

Do you wish to take an intensive training and show your project to an international panel?

Are you ready to use all your energy to put your project to effect?

Do you wish you could give an additional boost to your project?

Would you like to join the entrepreneurs that are supported by 2iE?

This challenge was made for you!

With Green Start Up Challenge, 2iE opens the doors to its incubators to all the entrepreneurs whose projects are in favor of green growth in Africa.

Discover the participation conditions, the application form, the competition’s guidelines and 2iE’s support device by clicking here.

Selection for the 2014 edition will be held from 1 July to 1 September 2014.


In February 2013, 2iE in partnership with InfoDev (World Bank) launched a multiparty network of ‘Business Angles’ for West Africa. Its members bring their competences (technical, legal, managerial…), their experiences, their contacts, and investments to support project leaders and entrepreneurs in West Africa. This common initiative aims to fully contribute to the Accelerated Growth Strategy and Sustainable Development initiative of the Burkinabe State.

Current members of the network: Occitane Foundation, I&P, African Organisation of Intellectual Property, SIREA, Onyx etc.

For more information about the network, or to join, contact: Technopole –