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Environmental concentration of nonylphenol alters the development of urogenital and visceral organs in avian model

S. Biau

Nonylphenol (NP) is an endocrine disruptor with harmful effects including feminization and carcinogenesis on various organisms. This substance is a degradation product of nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEO) that is used in several industrial and agricultural processes. In this paper, we examined the assessment of NP exposure on chick embryo development, using a concentration consistent with the environmental concentrations of NP. With this aim, NP (between 0.1 and 50μg/egg)was injected into the yolk of egg through a small needle hole in the shell.
We report the effect of NP on chick reproductive system development although the effect we observed is lower than those observed by exposition to other endocrine disruptors. However, histological analysis highlighted a decrease of intraluminal seminiferous surface area in 64.12% of case (P = 0.0086) and an heterogeneous organization of the renal tubules when 10 μg/egg were injected. Moreover, an impairment of liver development with an abnormal bile spillage was observed when higher concentration of NP was injected (50 μg/egg).

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Themes : Chick embryo Environment Estrogenic effect Nonylphenol

Energy efficiency and waste reuse: A solution for sustainability in poor West African countries ? Case study of the shea butter supply chain in Burkina Faso

E.S. Noumi Joël BLIN.

Themes : Africa Biofuels Carbon Carbon dioxide Economic issues Energy efficiency Energy use Environmental impacts Geoinformatics Solar energy

Recent trends in selected extreme precipitation indices in Senegal – A changepoint approach

M. Zorom

Themes : Bayesian multiple change point detection procedure Rainfall indices Senegal

Inactivation mechanisms of pathogenic bacteria in several matrixes during the composting process in a composting toilet

A.H. Maiga M. Sou S. K. Sossou

Themes : alkaline pH composting matrixes composting toilet inactivation mechanism pathogenic bacteria

Adaptation of Sahelian agriculture to climate change: A stochastic modeling approach

A. Diarra B. Barbier H. Yacouba


Soil crusting impact on soil organic carbon losses by water erosion

H. Karambiri H. Yacouba S. Maïga-Yaleu


Themes : Erosion

Are plant lipases a promising alternative to catalyze transesterification for biodiesel production?

Christel Brunschwig Joël BLIN. Rédéo Wilfried Moussavou Mounguengui


Themes : Biodiesel

Local materials for building houses: laterite valorization in Dano in Africa 2012 International Conference on Advanced Material and Manufacturing Science (ICAMMS 2012)

A. Lawane A. Messan A. Pantet J. H. Thomassin R. Vinai

Themes : Eco-materials

Coal combustion residues valorisation: Research and development on compressed brick production Construction and Building Materials, Elsevier Editorial system

A. Amadou A. Lawane J.R. Minane R. Vinai

Themes : Eco-materials

Are Biofuels a Factor of Sustainable Development in a Food Insecurity Context in Africa? Case Study of Burkina Faso » Global Sustainable Development and Renewable Energy Systems

Blin Dabat Hanff

Themes : Biofuels

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