Laboratories associate 2iE to their scientific partners in order to share fundamental and applied research works.

They contribute to the improvement of the dissemination of the researchers work results, specifically thanks to publication, symposium and workshops. They participate to the training of scientists as far as the Master and the Doctoral school is concerned. Balance between training, academic activities and contractual research is at the heart of the centres’ dynamic.

The selected Areas of 2iE’s scientific programming correspond to fundamental needs (drinkable water, sanitation, access to energy, etc.) and are likely to create businesses and initiatives with a low impact on the environment.

This vision is applied through three priority programmes targeted at supporting a responsible and sustainable social and economic development in Africa.

2iE disposes of 05 laboratories:


The Laboratory Water, Depollution, Ecosystem and Health

Head of laboratory: Dr Yacouba KONATE –

The Laboratory Hydrology and Resources in Water (LEAH) contributes to the improvement of knowledge in the area of water resources (surface, subsurface and groundwater). It studies impacts of global changes on hydric resources, as well as adaptation strategies of populations to the change and the climate variability. The LHRW focuses on small and medium-sized watersheds. It is organized around different research axes.

  • Impacts and consequences of global changes on watersheds and populations: research carried out have the objective of quantifying the components of the hydrologic balance and transport process of suspended solids and in solution, modeling the hydrologic and hydro geologic behavior of  basins and assess per simulation the resources in water and their variability for the future climate scenarios.
  • Adaptation of populations to change and climate variability: it is about developing management tools of water resources, study the usage optimization of water in agriculture and explore socio-economic indicators regarding the population vulnerability.

It is equipped
with a platform of research, observation and intensive measures of the components of hydrological and hydrodynamic processes of soil:  the watershed Tougou (Site AMMA) of 37 km² located at 230 km North of Burkina Faso. A laboratory to study soils, prospection instruments and hydrologic and hydro geologic measures and hydrologic and hydro geologic modeling tools.

Works are carried out in close relationship with scientific partners (IRD (Hydro science of Montpellier – France),Polytechnic School of  Lausanne (Switzerland)) and professionalss (Society NETAFIM, Foundation DREYER).

  • Research Program

Secure the Access to Water for All in Africa with the SAWAA program.

Facing climate changes, Africa must ensure a better management of its hydric resources.

The SAWAA program works on:

  • A better quality of water thanks to efficient sanitation systems
  • A better access to hydric groundwater resources.
  • More efficient management methods of collective access systems to drinking water.

Head of laboratory: Pr Hamma YACOUBA –

The laboratory biomass, energy and biofuels (LBEB), develops energetic conversion processes of biomass to produce heat, electricity and biofuels. It also analyses the emergence, modalities and potential impacts of those technologies and corresponding sectors, taking into account the specificities of the African continent:

  • Study of the process of thermochemical conversion and the synthesis of new materials, appraising the diversity of local biomass locales (active coal, nano-catalysors)
  • Production of biofuels from oilseeds biomass.

Analyze the emergence conditions of biomass energy sectors.

Head of laboratory: Dr Sayon SIDIBE –


The Laboratory Construction Eco-Materials (LEMC) develops studies focused on the emergence of eco-materials constituted by local resources to improve the living conditions, protects  the environment and triggers a positive social impact.

The Lab disposes of equipment for the physical and mechanical featuring of construction materials. The lab collaborates with partners from the private sector (ZI Materials – Burkina Faso ; SONICHAR – Niger) as well as with renown universities such as the University of Havre, the National Engineering Superior School of Poitiers, the INSA Group (France), to conduct applied research works.

The team, trained by teachers-researchers and research engineers from several counties, also provides expertise to companies and private people in the framework of civil engineering.

Head of laboratory: Dr Adamah MESSAN –