Title of the project : CSP4Africa : Development of a cost-effective, modular and dry concentrating solar power for Africa : design and test of components

Main Financial Partner: European Commission logo_commission-europeenne-eng

General Coordinator: Dr.-Ing. N’TSOUKPOE Kokouvi Edem, Assistant Professor at  the Laboratory for Solar Energy and Energy Savings (LESEE)

Duration: 4 years

Global budget: 1 004 184 €

Start date: Mars 28, 2012

Implementation location: 2iE Kamboinsé (LESEE, Burkina Faso), Wa (KNUST, Ghana), Castres (SIREA, France)


General objectives

  • Increasing access to energy services for rural and peri-urban populations in Africa
  • Improve security of energy supply in peri-urban and rural areas, through electricity generation by solar energy
  • Reduce the environmental impacts of energy services by providing clean and sustainable solutions (reduction of greenhouse gas, etc.)


Specific objective

Develop a pilot cost-effective concentrating solar power plant for electricity generation by designing and experimenting their components using local low cost materials


Working packages

  • Multi-scale design optimization from a multi-faceted heliostat level to a whole solar field for a 100kWth CSP (central tower)
  • Implementation and testing of an optimal multi-faceted heliostat in Burkina and Ghana in order to cover several aspects of West Africa region
  • Research on turbine: development of Tesla turbine (this turbine could use several types of fluids: vapor, air, organic fluids…)
  • Design, implementation and testing of an optimal Tesla turbine for a 100kWth CSP
  • Implementation of 100kWth central tower using the above components


Reporting/ results

  • The assessment of the potential of CSP and sites ranking in West Africa have been completed and published in Natural Resources Journal;
  • The design of the multi-faceted heliostat, the whole solar field, the central receiver, the tower, the thermal and the conversion loop have been fully done;
  • The manufacturing of two prototypes of heliostat has been completed.
  • The manufacturing of the solar receiver, of the solar tower, storage tanks, have been completed.
  • The test platform has been built and components are under testing/characterization: heliostat, solar receiver, thermal oil, etc.
  • All other parts of the project have been started
  • Local companies and mankind benefit from the project
  • The staff of 2iE acquires a lot of experience in solar thermal and the plants are used in the training of the students
  • Numerous visitors are welcome every month at 2iE to discover the CSP4africa project because such a power plant is not yet available anywhere in Sub Saharan Africa

KNUST : The Energy Center

However, it is important to notice that In the framework of the project “Training for renewable energies and sustainable development professions”, the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs has funded the implementation of a test platform of the components of the solar concentration plant CSP4Africa (188 296 €).

  • 2iE and KNUST contribute with their expertise in the design of facilities and their testing.
  • SIREA is a private company which has a strong experience in solar and systems control. He will contribute in the turbine design and fabrication and the all the systems monitoring