“Let’s build together a brighter future for Africa”

The dynamism of African economies is outstanding.  With more and more challenges to address and growing uncertainties, the focus is now on the amazing development of  Africa’s potentials.  2iE International Institute for higher education and research, whose expertise areas are Water and Sanitation, Environment, Energy, Civil Engineering, Mining and Managerial Sciences, supports this trend.

A vision: Africa in growth

With an average growth rate of almost 5% per year during the last decade, the African continent stands against clichés and has become a major stakeholder in the global economic competition.

The abundance of natural resources, specifically mining and energetic resources, underexploited for a long time, represents an amazing economic opportunity. Today more than 80% of African exportation towards the rest of the world is made up of raw materials.  To go beyond a mere profit-oriented logic and maintain on its soil the production of added value,Africa now invests on research, training, innovation and equips its youth with entrepreneurial skills. However, beyond those encouraging indicators, a critical  issue is still to be addressed : higher education graduates experience serious difficulties finding a job that corresponds to their skills, whereas companies which express increasing needs in professional skills, struggle finding the professionals they need.

If Africa wants to succeed in becoming a major stakeholder in the international scene, she needs decision-makers and business leaders capable of triggering  Africa’s sustainable development, creating added value and employment.

An ambition: training innovative entrepreneurial engineers

The responsibility of a higher education and research institution such as 2iE is to enhance those mutations and develop , at its scale, efficient solutions to the economic, environmental and demographic challenges that African States are facing. By training, in Africa, entrepreneurial engineers equipped with a solid knowledge of local issues and the desire to be entrepreneurs, we enhance the emergence of the continent. Because building the Africa of tomorrow, means mobilizing today each one of its resources and particularly the most important, its formidable human potential.

To serve this ambition, 2iE, the only African school whose engineering degrees are internationally recognized, is committed to identify, analyze and anticipate what will be the future needs in qualified human resources. Bolstered by its step ahead and its long-term vision, 2iE participates to the construction of an Africa aware of its challenges and ready to face them. To win this bet over the future, 2iE associates an innovative philosophy and a solid governance model, genuine public/private partnership that gathers around common values, Founding States, private companies, institutional, academic and scientific partners.

A commitment: a degree, a job.   

Students and their families, professionals, companies and the civil society stakeholders, are more and more numerous to trust us. And this for a simple reason, 2iE graduates’ employability represents the best return on investment. More than 95% find a job within six months after graduation.

This unique rate in Africa is the result of a factor combination: the quality of our training programs , our partnership strategy with companies, backbone for an adequate  training of  qualified human resources  adapted to the market needs, and finally our  aim to offer solutions that meet the continent challenges.  

2iE has committed specific means of action to implement its ambition.

2iE campus offers a world-class scientific and technological environment integrating classrooms, research laboratories and resource and information centers.

  • The training  programs and research activities focus on strategical sectors in terms of social and economic development: water and waste treatment, renewable energies, mining and the production of eco-materials, etc.
  • The institute  has networked withmore than 25 scientific and academic partners throughout the world.

Thanks to its anchorage within civil society and its new training methods, 2iE has established itself as a key player of the educative revolution engaged at the scale of the African continent.

And this, keeping in mind, the values that have built on our strength: respect, open-mindedness, entrepreneurship freedom, merit, commitment, responsibility. They are embodied by our students and fostered within the companies that accompany us.