2iE campuses are spread over 2iE sites in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) and Kumba (Cameroon).


Training Offer

In line with BMPhD system, trainings include degrees with the levels of Bachelor, Master and PhD in the fields of engineering and managerial sciences. The training offer is available in training programs that lead to degrees or certificates.

Available in campus-based and distance learning, the offer is designed for both students in initial training as well as for professionals. To see details of trainings provided on the site of Ouagadougou, go to the dedicated column.

Assets of the Campus

Recognized and accredited 2iE offers to its students study conditions and a training quality equivalent to international standards. Located on a campus of over 110 hectares, spread over two sites, 2iE Ouagadougou provides living, education and research conditions in accordance with international standards.

Accredited by the French Commission of Engineering Titles (CTI), the degrees issued by 2iE are recognized internationally. To learn more, go to the presentation column.

Located in South-West Cameroon, the Anglophone campus of Kumba is a training center with high professional vocation in agriculture and agribusiness, water, energy, environment, civil engineering and mining. Its objective is to meet the growing demand of Cameroonian companies and widely, companies in Central Africa for skilled operators and middle management.

Kumba is located in a region with a tropical climate where agriculture and agro-industry are highly developed, (rubber, coffee, cocoa, bananas, etc.). The training proposed meets the specific needs of the socioeconomic environment.

Training Program Offer

Under structuring, the training programs developed by 2iE-Kumba are aimed at young students (initial level of technical schools to Bachelor level) and working professionals (qualification or diploma training, in various ways). All courses offered on campus are taught in English.

Investigations are being conducted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Cameroon to identify the needs in human resources in Central Africa’s region and develop training programs accordingly.

Currently, 2iE-Kumba offers 2-years’ training for Advanced Vocational Technicians in infrastructure, rural infrastructure and water management with two options:

  • Construction of buildings and roads
  • Water Management

This training has about 120 students. The aim is to reach a workforce of approximately 700 students in initial training by 2018.

A complete range of continuing education (agricultural mechanization, irrigation, rural electrification) and initial education (infrastructure, mechanization and irrigation development, topography) is under development.

Assets of the Campus

2iE-Kumba is part of 2iE network that includes many universities, institutional and private partners on 4 continents. It enjoys the know-how and recognition of the historic site. In addition, training is designed in partnership with companies and granted with professional internships; graduates acquire a high level of operational capability right out of school. Students who wish, and whose results allow, can continue their education on Ouagadougou campus.