The Trades and Skills Observatory conducts studies on the professional integration and career prospects of graduates. It monitors changes in engineering trades through online and field surveys.

The conclusions provided help to adapt 2iE training courses that lie within a constant dynamic of educational innovation: additional modules, setting up of new diplomas, adaptation of skills’ reference framework. Evidence is given: namely, the International MBA in Eco-innovation Management.

The Observatory participates in the realization of the process “a degree, a job” which aims to ensure the employability of graduates through an adequacy of training offers and business needs. It conducts three annual surveys:

- Professional integration survey: this survey is aimed at all graduates just after graduation. It seeks to know their integration on the labor market and, if necessary, identify obstacles in order to provide answers.

- Employability survey: This survey is intended for businesses and organizations that have resorted to 2iE students and graduates (internship or job). It aims to measure the satisfaction level of companies and collects potentially identified gaps in skills.

- Business survey: This latest survey concerns graduates with at least 5 years of professional experience. It aims to trace their career and wants to be a forecasting element. It particularly allows to analyze the evolution of new skills and trades to be considered in order to improve and better adapt the training program offer.