Professional integration

The first challenge of the training offered by 2iE is to ensure students professional integration. A special attention is therefore paid to the adequacy of the training provided and the needs of the labor market. For this purpose, curricula are developed and delivered in close contact with the business world.

Meetings and exchange actions are regularly organized, such as, the Enterprise Days Forum.

Today, 95% of our students find a job within 6 months after graduation. They occupy responsible positions in key sectors of the African economy. 98% choose to stay and work on the African continent and 90% develop their career in the private sector.

African growth

With an average annual growth rate of 5% over the last decade, the African continent defies stereotypes. It has become a major stakeholder of  the global economic competition and relies for this, among other things, on two key components: the resources of its soil and its youth’s driving force.

In 2012, the African population has indeed far exceeded one billion inhabitants. It will reach 1.5 billion by 2030. These economic and demographic changes go along with social changes. Africa is experiencing a high rate of urbanization (by 2030, half of the population will be living in cities), and a rapid development of the middle class.

Beyond these promising indicators, a capital equation remains to be solved: Graduates of higher education hardly find a job corresponding to their qualifications, whereas companies struggle finding the professional skills they need. Thus, 20,000 highly qualified Africans keep on leaving the continent every year. Africa, now needs its elites more than ever. Therefore 2iE is committed to training in Africa, engineers-entrepreneurs who will get involved in the construction of the continent’s future.