The Information resource center gives access to over 28,000 books: scientific and technical journals, handouts and reference work as well. It allows extending knowledge acquired in theoretical and practical training modules. All themes dealt with by 2iE are covered: water and sanitation, energy and electricity, civil engineering and mining, environmental and managerial sciences. 

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The information resource center offers:

  • On-site consultation for external users
  • Issue of documents to 2iE students only
  • Daily summary review
  • Document research training and guidance
  • Access to Internet
  • Access to e-library 

It offers access to:

  • 28,000 books
  • 1,500 memoirs
  • 20 titles of scientific and technical journals
  • 260 topographic, geologic maps, and plans
  • 160 videocassettes and audiocassettes, and CD-ROM