2iE offers pleasant study and socio-cultural infrastructures adapted to the personal development of students. Everything is implemented so as to have studies conducted in the best conditions. A grant devoted to socio-cultural and sports activities, is allotted by the school. An initial contribution (and only) 10 000 CFAF (15 euros), is also required during the first registration. It gives access to any activity proposed by the Students’ Office and member associations: sports tournaments, film screenings, conferences etc.

Campuses include sports facilities: basketball courts, soccer pitch and a  swimming pool, as well as socio-cultural premises (TV room, students hall), which helps to organize evening screenings and debates.

Member Association of Students’ Office:

The Women Student Association, 2iE Engineers and Trainees (AFEIS) 

In order to reduce the low representation of women in schools and engineering positions, the AFEIS implements advocacy for girls’ education and promotes engineering careers; a key component of 2iE which already has 30% of female students and 40% among the supervisory staff.

The English Language Improvement Center (ELIC)

ELIC organizes conversation classes and TOEFL preparation, film screenings, or conferences to help students to better master the practice of oral English.

Maam Me 

Maam Me (“me too” in Moore, the Mossi language of the majority ethnic group in Burkina Faso) is involved in life in the borough of Kamboinsé, located at 12km far from Ouagadougou and which hosts the second campus of the school. The association, actually, accompanies residents in the implementation of income-generating activities; and educates parents on the importance of having their children educated.